Rotational Bench Pin: Universal Mounting Bracket or Stationary Side Mounted Base



For use with the Jayne Redman® Rotational Bench Pin.
The Jayne Redman® Universal Mounting Bracket can be attached to a second Universal Mounting Bracket making a Standard Rotating Base or attached to a Dovetail Adaptor to make a Dovetail Rotating Base. If you own multiple Work Surfaces you can attach each one to a Universal Mounting Bracket and interchange surfaces via the 3/8″ socket head screw.

The Jayne Redman® Universal Mounting Bracket can also be used as a Stationary Side Mounted Base. Simply screw onto the front side of your bench through the smooth beveled holes. Attach any Jayne Redman® Work Surface to the top marked Work Surface, screwing the hex screws provided with each work surface into the threaded holes.