Tools and Jigs for Multiples

August 4 – 7, 2022
Online hosted by
Silvera Jewelry School
Berkeley, California

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Creating elements that combine form with function will add to the uniqueness of your designs. The challenge is in duplicating them. Jayne Redman shows you how by introducing the many methods of making tools and jigs she has developed. This workshop will focus on ways to duplicate three dimensional shapes in wire and sheet using hard and thermal plastics, wood and steel.

Gain the knowledge to comfortably modify existing tools and invent tools and jigs of your own design. Create perfect wire loops, single and reverse curve ear wires, and linkage systems. Make a series of tools that will give you time saving ways of measuring, cutting, connecting and forming wire or sheet. You will be able to make exact duplicates of your forms and findings, enhancing your craftsmanship and adding appeal to your jewelry.

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Tools and Materials

Links are available at
20 gauge half hard sterling wire
Flexible shaft: Rio Grande – Or Dremel: Home Depot
Bur life: Rio Grande
Drill bits: #58 or #60, Rio Grande
Saw frame: Rio Grande
Wax file: Rio Grande
Assorted Needle Files: Rio Grande
Flush cutters: Rio Grande
Dividers: Rio Grande
Scribe: Rio Grande
Chain nose pliers: Rio Grande, these will be modified
Flat nose pliers: Rio Grande, these will be modified
Metal shears
For working with thermal plastic: Stainless steel pot, stainless steel spoon, glass or metal bowls for ice water. (Don’t try to use a plastic bowl. The thermal plastic will stick to it.) Hot plate or other heat source for keeping water close to boiling temperature in the stainless steel pot.
Cooking spray like Pam
Dust mask
Safety Glasses
Eye magnification if needed
Office supply store like Staples or Amazon for:
Double stick tape
Paper, including tracing paper and white printer/copier paper.
Drawing materials including rulers, Sharpie markers, pencils and erasers, compasses, and plastic circle and oval templates

Fine nose pliers set: Rio Grande, to be used for modifying for additional purposes
Online Metals, Round bar pack natural acetal – Discount price for Delrin rod assortment
Japanese Pull Saw: Hida Tool, Home Depot, Amazon, fantastic saws for plastic and wood!
18 gauge sterling wire drawn 7 dies hard: Hoover and Strong. You would draw this down to 20 gauge to further harden it. This is made to order and takes extra time to ship.
Round drawplate with Tungsten Carbide inserts: Rio Grande
Draw tongs: Rio Grande
Foredom drill press : Rio Grande
Cylinder bur set: Rio Grande
Wolf Wax High Speed Cylinder Bur: Rio Grande – 25mm x 6.3mm, 25mm x 4.7mm, 25mm x 3.3mm

A computer, phone or tablet to use the free Zoom app for class. An additional device (capable of accessing the Zoom link) and holder to position it over your work space allowing the instructor to see your work.