Forming For Multiples: Advanced Blanking Dies

December 10 – 13
Online – hosted by Silvera Jewelry School,
Berkeley, California

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Metal is a magical material that can be stretched, compressed, bent, curved and twisted. The same piece can take on an entirely different shape depending on how it is formed. This workshop will explore developing patterns and forming processes for metal sheet.

Your previous knowlege of how to make blanking dies will give you the ability to quickly cut out duplicates of your pieces giving you the freedom to get lost in the design process and experiment with forming and assembly.

Working with your unique shapes will require making unique forming tools. Using wood, hard and thermal plastic and steel we will design tools that will give you consistent results. We will also work with ways to assemble multiple forms by soldering or using cold connections.

The goal will be to take an idea through the pattern development stage and explore multiple forming techniques for the resulting shape. You will make tools specifically for each forming process, resulting in finished pieces. Jayne will initially give each student a choice of shapes to work with as practice pieces to teach concepts and demonstrate the tools she created to develop each form.

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Tools and Materials

A computer, phone or tablet to use the free Zoom app for class. An additional device (capable of accessing the Zoom link) and holder to position it over your work space allowing the instructor to see your work.

Bonny Doon Hydraulic Press: Rio Grande
Or: Harbor Freight bench press: Harbor Freight
Or large bench vise: Harbor Freight or other hardware store
If using a bench vise to blank out dies you will need two 1/2” thick pieces of cast acrylic at least 4” x 4” to sandwich your die to protect it from the jaws of the vise: Tap Plastics
You will also need a length of pipe at least 2 feet long that can fit over the end of your vise handle for leverage: Hardware store or an aluminum baseball bat with the top of the handle cut off.
Flexible shaft: Rio Grande – Or Dremel: Home Depot
Center punch: Rio Grande – Or 1.5mm ball bur: Rio Grande
Dividers: Rio Grande
Bur life: Rio Grande
Drill bits: #58 or #60, Rio Grande
5" or 6" deep saw frame: Rio Grande
Flat or half round hand file, #0 or #1 cut, Rio Grande – Or belt sander from a hardware store
Snap-on-disc: Rio Grande
Snap-on-disc mandrel: Rio Grande
Metal: Copper and/or brass, 22 gauge or thinner to use with blanking dies 1/32” thick – 18 gauge or thinner to use with blanking dies 3/64” thick
Copper and/or brass to test dies.
Shears like Joyce Chen Shears to cut thin metal: Amazon or Kitchen store
Rubber cement or Scotch Permanent Glue Stick – Office supply store like Staples or Amazon
Scissors – Office supply store like Staples or Amazon
Ruler – Office supply store like Staples or Amazon
Paper, including tracing paper and white printer/copier paper. Drawing materials including rulers, Sharpie markers, pencils and erasers, compasses, and plastic circle and oval templates: Office supply store like Staples or Amazon
Dust mask
Safety Glasses and eye magnification if needed

Silver or gold sheet for finished pieces: 22 gauge or thinner to use with blanking dies 1/32” thick – 18 gauge or thinner to use with blanking dies 3/64” thick
Silver or gold wire for finished pieces – assorted gauges. I use 20 gauge for ear wires.
Online Metals, Round bar pack natural acetal – Discount price for Delrin rod assortment
Steel Round Wire Assortment #143.700: Otto Frei
Wolf Wax High Speed Cylinder Bur: Rio Grande – 25mm x 6.3mm, 25mm x 4.7mm, 25mm x 3.3mm
Japanese Pull Saw: Hida Tool, Home Depot, Amazon, fantastic saws for plastic and wood!
Wolf Clay: A change your life positioning clay for soldering, $45. Jayne can add to your kit or you can order from Kate Wolf: [email protected].
Additional saw blades 2/0 or 3/0, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Super Pike Saw Blades: Otto Frei
Pike Platinum Saw Blades: Otto Frei
Lynx Round Bur Set: Rio Grande
Diamond Bur Set: Rio Grande
Fretz Hammer w/11 nylon inserts: Rio Grande