The Jayne Redman® Rotational WorkRing System by Swanstrom was designed by Tim Sheriff of Swanstrom Tools USA in collaboration with Jeweler – Educator Jayne Redman. The Complete Set includes the Rotational WorkRing Base with a 4.5” WorkRing, Swanstrom Circle Clamp Adaptor, and Hardware. The Rotational WorkRing Base with WorkRing, and the Clamp Adaptor, are available as separate sets.

To use the WorkRing, slide material under the thumb screws or Phillips head screws, then tighten by hand or with the Phillips head screwdriver provided. Muscle fatigue and soreness are eliminated as the WorkRing securely holds metal or other materials, such as wood and plastic, while you saw, carve, texture, engrave, set stones, or utilize other metalsmithing techniques. The WorkRing rotates in a silicone lined depression allowing for smooth and accurate movement, or can be held stationary by turning the locking screw on the side, or screwing up into the Ring from the underside of the base. Easily attach or remove the WorkRing Base from a dovetail mounting plate on your bench. The WorkRing System is compatible with any dovetail method of attachment such as GRS®.

The Swanstrom Circle Clamp Adaptor holds any Circle Clamp that works with The Swanstrom SawPlate System. The Clamp Adaptor is attached to the WorkRing Base by screwing from the back through either of two holes in the Ring depression, and then into the Adaptor. The Swanstrom SawPlate System, Swanstrom SawPlate Circle Clamps, and Gary’s Clamp, are available exclusively through Rio Grande.

The ability to rotate your sawing surface is essential for making blanking (pancake) dies. The Jayne Redman® Rotational WorkRing System is the perfect tool for that task. Use the included spacer and socket head screw to add a Jayne Redman® Dovetail Adaptor for rotation, or remove the dovetail cleats and screw directly into the dovetail adaptor. Attach the new Jayne Redman® Dovetail Mounting Plate to your bench and screw the WorkRing Base directly into it, eliminating the need of a dovetail adaptor for rotation. 

The Jayne Redman® Rotational WorkRing System is available from the Tools Shop or Rio Grande.

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