Making Multiples with Blanking Dies

July 30 – 31, August 1, 2021
Boulder Metalsmithing Association,
Boulder, Colorado

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Register at: Boulder Metalsmithing Association 

What if you could make the same design over and over again, easily, accurately and quickly? You can with a a blanking die and Jayne will show you how!

Self-registering, one piece blanking dies give you the ability to quickly create multiples in metal sheet of the shapes you conceive, affording you time to get lost in the design process and experiment with forming and assembling. Jayne Redman has been using this method for her own jewelry for more than 25 years and has developed ways of creating dies and blanking multiples that dramatically speed up production.

This workshop will teach you how to properly develop patterns that will result in successful blanking dies and introduce you to many of the engineering concepts that Jayne works with in her jewelry. She will take you through the design process from initial drawings to final prototypes and finished pieces. You will be amazed at how quickly you can go from original idea to duplicated shape as you make and use your own dies during class.


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Tools and Materials

Bonny Doon Hydraulic Press or Harbor Freight bench press or large bench vise
If using a bench vise: two 1/2” thick pieces of cast acrylic and a length of pipe at least 1.5 feet long
Flex shaft or Dremel
Center punch or 1.5mm ball bur
Bur life
Drill bits: #58 or #60
5" or 6" deep saw frame
Flat or half round hand file (#0 or #1 cut) or belt sander
Medium snap-on-discs
Snap-on-disc mandrel
24 gauge or thinner copper or brass sheet
20 gauge or thinner copper or brass sheet
Joyce Chen Shears or Pro Shears
Rubber cement or Scotch Permanent Glue Stick
Paper, including tracing paper and white printer/copier paper
Drawing materials including rulers, Sharpie markers, pencils and erasers, compasses, and plastic circle and oval templates
Dust mask
Safety Glasses and eye magnification if needed
Other metal to blank such as silver, gold, argentium, etc., 22 gauge or thinner.
For making combination silhouette/blanking dies:
Wolf Wax High Speed Cylinder Burs – 25mm x 4.7mm – Rio Grande #345012, 25mm x 3.3mm – #345013
Wolf Wax Trimmer – Rio Grande #700333. Jayne will provide a few for students to share.