Form and Function: Engineering for Multiples

July 29 – August 2, 2020, Metalwerx, Waltham, MA

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Jayne Redman is known for her unusual way of working with metal in three dimensions, often using multiples of the same shape to convey a single idea. Using nature as her inspiration she considers combinations of form and function, integrating mechanics with design and applying innovative engineering methods. How petals are attached to each other can generate an idea for an assembly process. Studying the curve of a leaf can lead to a new forming technique. The graceful bend of a flower stem can become an ear wire design. This workshop will teach you how to develop patterns for many of the engineering concepts that Jayne Redman works with in her jewelry.

Jayne will take you through the design process from initial drawings to final prototypes and finished pieces. You will learn the principles behind centrally radiating forms, properly nested forms, spacing for slotted forms, using faux hinging, and tab construction. Self-registering, one piece blanking dies will give you the ability to quickly create multiples in metal sheet of the shapes you conceive, affording you the time to get lost in the design process and experiment with forming and assembling those shapes. Tool steel and 3/0 saw blades will be available for purchase. Jayne will supply copper for samples as well as her rotational bench pin and a magnetic protractor for each student to use.

Bench pins can be purchased at a discounted price at the end of the workshop.

Additional information

Student Tools and Materials

We will be using 1/32” tool steel for blanking dies that will cut up to 22 gauge sheet. Bring 22 gauge or thinner sterling or argentium silver, gold, copper or brass for finished pieces. If you have a project in mind that will require thicker metal bring it but know that you will be cutting out shapes by hand. 3/64” tool steel can be supplied by special request if you want to cut out metal up to 18 gauge.
5” deep saw frame. This is important!!! If your tool steel is longer than the saw frame you will not be able to cut out your die!!!
Bur life.
Center punch, #118117 or 1.5mm ball bur any brand
Dividers like Rio Grande #116010
Flat hand file, #0, or #1 cut
Rubber cement or double stick tape
Paper, including tracing paper and white printer/copier paper. Drawing materials including rulers, Sharpie markers, pencils and erasers, compass, plastic templates, Exacto knife
Apron, dust mask, eye magnification and protection
Rio Grande stock numbers for identification:
5” deep saw frame, #110133 – This is important!!! If your tool steel is longer than the saw frame you will not be able to cut out your die!!!
Bur Life, #117003
Half round hand file, #2 cut – #114708
Center punch, #118117
Dividers, #116010
Drawing tools and materials: Plain white copy or inkjet paper, pencil and sharpener, eraser, ruler,
fine Sharpie markers, scissors, exacto knife, compass
Rubber cement
Apron and dust mask
Safety glasses