Creating Contour: Forming for Multiples

April 5 – 7, 2018
The Craft Guild of Dallas,
Dallas, TX


Register at: Craft Guild of Dallas

This workshop will explore die-forming processes for metal sheet. We will begin with making blanking dies that will give us the ability to quickly cut out multiples of the same shape. Making a silhouette die to fit will allow us to create a rounded form in the hydraulic press that can be blanked out afterward. Silhouette dies can be enhanced with thermal plastic to create simple contours. Carving directly in cast acrylic allows for more complexity and detail. Metal pressed into a carved die will duplicate the carved forms. A previously blanked out shape can be pressed into a carved contour die or a flat sheet of metal can first be pressed into the die and the resulting relief form can be cut out with a blanking die.

We will be exploring many design concepts using die-forming including creating hollow beads, small vessel forms and using the excess metal around the pressed pieces – the flange – as a method of connection or an additional design element. We will also experiment with using dies to create texture and pattern before contouring with silhouette dies.

Jayne will provide materials for students to purchase, including tool steel, cast acrylic sheet, thermal plastic, and skip tooth saw blades. Plan to spend $45 to $65. She will also be supplying a rotational bench pin and magnetic protractor for each student to use. They will be available for purchase at the end of the workshop for a special discount.

Additional information

Student Tools and Materials

We will be using 1/32” tool steel for blanking dies that will cut up to 22-gauge sheet.
Brass or copper sheet for samples, 22 gauge or thinner
Jeweler's saw frame 5" deep, #110-113, This is important!!! If your tool steel blank is longer than the saw frame you will not be able to cut out your die!!!
Bur life, #117003
Rio Grande Original Laser Blades – #3/0 – #110205
#60 drill bits
Center punch or 1.5mm ball bur any brand
Flat or half round hand file, #0, or #1 cut
Cylinder burs like the ones in Set #345863
Burs of all shapes and sizes including diamond burs
Rubber cement or double stick tape
Paper, including tracing paper and white printer/copier paper. Drawing materials including rulers, Sharpie markers, pencils and erasers, compasses, dividers, Exacto knife and plastic templates all shapes

Silver for finished pieces – 22 guage or thinner.
Wolf Wax High Speed Cylinder Burs – 25mm x 4.7mm – Rio Grande #345012, 25mm x 3.3mm – #345013
Lynx Round Bur Sets, 2.7mm to 8mm – Rio Grande #344340, and Lynx Round Bur set .05mm to 2.5mm – Rio Grande #344335
Wolf Wax Trimmer – Rio Grande #700333
Diamond Bur sets – #343010, #346063