A Touch of Gold: The Keum-boo Process

October 9 – 10
Silvera Jewelry School,
Berkeley, CA

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Keum-boo is a beautiful and cost effective technique used to bond pure gold and silver to the surface of jewelry and hollowware. In this workshop you will learn all the basics: rolling your own 24k gold or fine silver foil, applying it to three dimensional, flat, and textured metal surfaces, and techniques for finishing. Jayne will be demonstrating unique ways she has developed to use the technique in production as well as one-of-a-kind work in silver and 18k gold. Students will be creating samples in class and may bring finished pieces (with stones unset) in sterling, fine silver and argentium.

All students will be rolling their own gold foil. 30ga. 24K gold sheet can be purchased from Rio Grande, #608030. I will have some on hand for students to buy. A piece, 30ga. x ½” x ½” would yield a piece .02mm thick in dimensions of ½” x 5” or 6” or 1” x 2.5” or 3” depending on how it is rolled.

Pre-rolled Keum-boo foil, .003mm, can be purchased from Rio Grande, #623013, – 800-545-6566 or Allcraft Tool and Supply – 800-645-7124. Allcraft has two thicknesses and the overall dimensions are larger than Rio Grande’s. The thinner one is similar to Rio Grande’s, the thicker is twice as thick.

Jayne will supply in a kit for each student, cost approx. $60:
Rotating layout table
2 pieces of red brass, 6″ x 6″ x 16ga.
2 agate burnishers
22 ga. copper to roll gold

If students would like Jayne to supply 30 gauge 24k gold to roll and 26 gauge sterling silver sheet for samples there will be an extra charge based on amount of metal purchased.

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