July 11 – 13, 2014
10 am – 5 pm
With Jayne Redman
$425 plus $125 Tools and Materials fee. $100 deposit will reserve your space.

  Jig on Aluminum Bench Pin           Willow-Lg-Ear-BKWH

Jig and Findings  6. double spiral jig

One of the special aspects of Jayne Redman’s jewelry is the way she combines form and function in her designs, creating unusual findings and assembly processes. Jayne will demonstrate her original engineering ideas and teach you how to apply them to your own work. She will consult with each of you to help you create concepts that are unique to your jewelry.

This workshop will focus on ways to make tools and jigs to form 3 dimensional shapes and unique findings including ear wires, linkage systems, and clasps. You will learn time saving ways of measuring, cutting, and connecting sheet and wire. You will be able to make exact duplicates of your forms and findings, enhancing your craftsmanship and adding appeal to your jewelry.

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