March 14 – 16, 2014
Waltham, MA

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6. double spiral jig  Process-Blanking-Die

Jayne Redman has been exploring form and function with her jewelry for 18 years, developing ways of designing blanking dies and jigs that dramatically speed up the production process. She has also invented unique engineering and assembly processes for forming sheet and wire.

In this workshop, Jayne will share what she has learned about making multiples using blanking dies and designing jigs for findings using Aquaplast, a thermal reactive plastic. Students will be amazed at how quickly they can go from original idea to duplicated shape with tools made in class.

Topics covered include:

  • Pattern development for designing in sheet and wire.
  • Designing and sawing blanking dies from flat stock tool steel.
  • Creating wire hardened specifically for ear wire designs.
  • Altering pliers for alternative uses.
  • Using thermal reactive plastic to quickly and easily make custom jigs in any shape desired.