February 11 – 15, 2014
The Beadcamp
Nokomis, FL

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One of the special aspects of Jayne Redman’s jewelry is the way she combines form and function in her designs, creating unusual findings and assembly processes. Jayne will demonstrate her original engineering ideas and teach you how to apply them to your own work. She will consult with each of you to help you create concepts that are unique to your jewelry.

This workshop will focus on ways of creating ear wires, linkage systems, clasps, beads and bead caps, all with specialized tools and jigs you will engineer for your specific needs. Using these jigs you will also learn time saving ways of forming, measuring, cutting, and connecting sheet and wire. You will be able to make exact duplicates of your findings, enhancing your craftsmanship and adding appeal to your jewelry.

Jayne will also be teaching her method of sawing blanking dies used to quickly make multiple pieces in flat sheet metal. She has been using this method for her own production jewelry for 18 years and has developed ways of creating dies and blanking multiples that dramatically speed up the production process. You will learn how to develop patterns for this process and the method of sawing dies from flat stock tool steel. You will be amazed at how quickly you can go from original idea to duplicated shape as you make and use your own blanking dies during class.

This workshop is designed for glass bead artists but is open to any student who would like to learn techniques for making multiples in metal. Students in the metalsmithing community are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn Jayne Redman’s inventive ways of precisely duplicating shapes in metal sheet and wire.

The skills you will learn are:

  • The proper use of metal working hand tools, including files, pliers, hammers and saws, as well as rotary tools such as the flexible shaft and polishing lathe.
  • How to modify existing tools for more specific uses.
  • Wire working skills such as bending, forming, and forging and how to draw wire to change the gauge and hardness. You will also learn various ways to rivet wire including hammering, flame beading and tube riveting.
  • How to drill, form, hammer, cut and saw sheet metal.
  • Texturing using the flexible shaft, the rolling mill and chasing tools.
  • Finishing techniques.
  • Pattern development for templates using oak tag paper and brass wire.
  • Methods for making self-registering blanking dies.